Remembering HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l on his First Yahrtzeit

In honor of HaRav Lichtenstein zt"l's first yahrtzeit, here is a recording of the moving program we held last year on May 20 in the Kohelet Beit Midrash. May Rav Aharon's life and lessons continue to serve as a source of blessing and inspiration.

4:17 - Mr. Dov Daniel, Personal Encounters With Rav Aharon

(Please skip 10:28-13:30 due to technical difficulties. None of the recording has been lost.)

22:58 - Professor Chaim Saiman, Rav Aharon on Brisker Lomdus and "Real Life"

38:05 - Mr. Steven Weiner, Two Classic Divrei Torah from Rav Aharon

49:08 - Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl, Rav Aharon on Learning Chumash

59:12 - Myself, Rav Aharon on Being Frum and Being Good